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At Birmingham Podiatry Clinic we offer a range of foot related treatments and services.

At Birmingham Podiatry Clinic we offer a wide range of treatments for your feet ranging from callouses and corns to fungal nail infections and heel pain.


Our Podiatrists are happy to offer you a consultation during which time we will cover any issues you have with your feet. If you suffer from any feet problems such as a veruccas, warts, ingrowing toenails, skin disorders or even foot or ankle injuries feel free to discuss with us.


Cracked heels


Ingrown Nail





Try our fully tailored Orthotics treatments to help get you back on your feet.

Your feet are the foundations of the your entire body. Often when the foundation is misaligned or functioning poorly the negative effects can be felt throughout.


Our specialist offer Shoe box Impression Orthotics that are custom moulded insoles that make uncomfortable and unsupportive footwear healthier and more enjoyable.

As Part Of a Biomechanical assessment, the podiatrist will observe and measure the range of Joint Motion, Muscle strength and flexibility looking for misalignment in the Feet, Legs, Pelvis and shoulders.

Fungal Nail Laser treatment


With the Lunula Laser machine there are some increased benefits.

97% of subjects demonstrated new growth of clear nails

Most effective fungal nail treatment on the market

It's a 'Cold' Laser treatment so pain-free

No side effects

1st and only FDA Market cleared device for new clear nail growth at 6 months

Can also be used on fingernails

Flexible payment options available

As seen on TV

The most advanced technology on the market

The Lunula laser has even featured on ITV’s This Morning to showcase how it works at preventing further fungal nail growth and helping you regain beautiful feet again.

Have you got a foot related problem? Let us help.

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