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Why use Lunula Laser

97% of subjects demonstrated new growth of clear nails

Worlds leading fungal nail treatment

No dangerous oral anti-fungal medications

No pain, no downtime and no risk

6.1mm new clear nail growth at 6 months

1st and only FDA Market cleared device for new clear nail growth at 6 months

Can also be used on fingernails

Flexible payment options available

The Lunula ‘Cold’ Laser system is the Gold Standard treatment for fungal infections of the nail.

The Lunula Laser provides 2 rotating laser beams to produce an immune effect within the body to treat fungal nail infections.

Blue Laser (405mm)

This acts directly upon the fungus and causes changes in the cell wall to destroy the fungal infection.

Red Laser (635mm)

Acts on the body's natural immune cells, fortifying them. The red laser can stimulate and improve blood flow bringing nutrients and additional immune cells to the affected area, speeding up the treatment process.


Fungal Nail Treatment options

Do Nothing

Fungal nail can be left untreated and can be cut, filed and tidied up. However, the appearance will annoy you and the underlying problem will not be fixed.

  • Doesn’t fix the underlying problem

Topical Treatments

Paints and lacquers such as Curanail, ClearZel and Loceryl which are for ‘very mild fungal nail infections’ can be applied.

  • Largely ineffective

Oral medication

Terbinafine tablets (Lamisil) are common tablets used to treat fungal nail infection. Average 60% effective.

  • Reported side effects include rashes, migraines and possible liver damage.

'Hot' Thermal Laser

Can be quite painful and expensive. Can be more costly than Lunula Laser.

  • Not as effective as ‘Cold’ Thermal Laser treatments.

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Lunula Laser pricing

  • Two Feet - 4 Sessions of Lunula Laser

  • One foot - 4 Sessions of Lunula Laser


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