Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are a common condition caused by the toenail growing outwards into the surrounding skin of your feet. They are often quite painful to deal with and the toe can become swollen and even infected if left untreated.

If you are having problems with ingrown toenails then our highly skilled podiatrists will assess your feet and provide suitable treatment tailored to you. Book here now or call us if you have any specific questions.

Get your ingrown toenails treated by us

Ingrown toenails are often painful and difficult to treat so by using our professional podiatry services you can ensure you will get them properly checked out and treated. We also offer cosmetic surgery for toenails so if you feel your feet need some additional touches let us know and we can advise.

What causes ingrown toenails to develop?

Common causes include:

  • Wearing small shoes which crowd the toenails
  • Cutting toenails too short or rounding the edges
  • Unusual shaped toenails e.g. excessive curvature

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms of having an ingrown toenail are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection e.g. pus visible

How can ingrown toenails be treated?

  • For minor cases, the nail can be lifted from the nailbed, elevating it using cotton
  • For more severe cases (if infected), the part of the nail which is the issue will be cut 
  • For recurring cases, surgery may be needed to remove the nail

Do you suffer with painful or recurring ingrown toenails?

We offer professional treatment and aftercare advice to permanently relieve your pain. If your case is recurring, we can offer the appropriate surgery, to partially or fully remove the problematic nail.

Ultimately it will: 

  • Improve the appearance of your nail
  • Permanently put a stop the the problem
  • Prevent pain and infection caused by the nail
  • Restore your confidence in your feet

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Treat your Ingrown toenails

If you’re suffering from Ingrown toenails then you need a specialist Chiropodist to inspect your feet and offer reliable and proven treatment. Luckily we can do that for you.

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