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Gait abnormalities refers to the abnormal walking pattern, and can lead to functional problems if not analysed and addressed by a podiatrist.

We also have the latest 3D foot scanning systems to identify any issues and produce bespoke insoles to rid your pain. Book an appointment at Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham to receive a Gait analysis and treatment plan.

Treat your walking problems

If you have problems with your gait or find it difficult to walk then using our comprehensive podiatry service will help uncover why. We will aim to provide you with a tailored solution which is suited to you and your lifestyle.

What causes an abnormal gait?

Having an abnormal gait can make life difficult. Common reasons include:

  • Genetics causing deformities of the legs or feet
  • Injury of the legs or feet (bone breakage)
  • Arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy

What would a Gait analysis involve?

One of our team will perform a full assessment including medical history, visually examine the lower limb and foot joints, and analysis of the pressure applied to the areas of the foot using a gait scan.

How are gait abnormalities corrected?

Upon detailed assessment of your gait cycle, we can then specifically supply tailored orthotics to correct your gait abnormalities.

What if I need longterm advice and support for my walking?

If you are having problems with gait or generally just walking then you can rest assured that we will offer reliable and professional advice. Our team is highly experienced and can offer long term support for you throughout your journey.

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Do you have issues with gait abnormalities?

At Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham, we can help you to address your gait issues. Then, we can effectively correct these abnormalities.

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