Diabetic Feet


Diabetic Foot Care

Foot care is often one of the most overlooked side effects of Diabetes. People with diabetes are prone to having various foot related issues and therefore taking care of your feet is very important to avoid further complications.

Here at Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham, we can perform diabetic foot assessments and offer ongoing foot care advice. If you want to book a consultation please contact us and our friendly staff will support you.

Footcare for Diabetics

Many people with Diabetes can end up having problems with their feet and legs. Therefore good treatment is of vital importance to ensure you keep your mobility and live pain-free.

What are the issues associated with Diabetic Foot?

The elevated glucose levels associated with diabetes can impact your circulatory and nervous systems, manifesting in the feet as something called peripheral neuropathy. This is damage to your nerves which desensitises your feet to pain, hot and cold, therefore you won’t notice a cut. Healing is also affected due to poor circulation.

What are the complications of diabetic foot?

If a cut is left unnoticed, it may lead to:

  • Ulcers
  • Infections
  • Foot amputation, if severe

What does Podiatry for Diabetic Feet involve?

Our qualified staff will perform the following assessments:

  • Neurological assessment
  • Skin assessment
  • Vascular assessment

We will also treat cuts or other foot issues once we have checked you.

What are the essential aftercare tips for diabetic individuals?

Maintaining good foot hygiene to avoid potential infections is really important. Wearing appropriate shoes is a big help in keeping your feet in good condition, and never attempt to treat own podiatry issues such as hard skin accumulation yourself.

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Diabetic feet treatments

At Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham, we can help you to address your feet issues related to your diabetes. Additionally, we will offer extensive advice and education to prevent infections developing which will ultimately prevent life-changing alterations.

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